Dignity is a term which we as a human being want it to be our adjective! A person works with all his soul to gain dignity in this big world. It not only gives self respect but makes this world a better place to be in..we should always work to earn dignity not to beg for it.. because the thing that we earn gives us immense pleasure and on the other side asking for respect makes us loose even the self confidence which we had in ourselves. I may sound like a feminist to you but a women’s dignity is her biggest jewellery. Those cruel men who tries really hard to take her dignity by various methods. Either it is physically assaulting her or by violence these men are the devils of this earth and as we all know devils are not acceptable on this earth from centuries. So grow up respect women mentally and physically both. A life without dignity is like a empty matchbox no matter how capable you are but unless you don’t have the matchstick to rub against your soul to bring mere confidence within you. A confidence to rule this world to achieve your dreams,to be the person you admire,to bring some change to our judgemental society.. Dignity is the fruit of believing in the term that “you can”. Always remember you are your greatest saviour and your best buddy as well.. Live with dignity always walk away with your head held as high as your thoughts and doings. Because “karma” is the ultimate examiner .Who would mark your future according to your doings and perception of vision for others!!

Love your self and follow your heart!


Death of humanity!!

Death is indeed a very sadden situation. It is the time at which we have to part ways with our near ones.Thinking about this cruel system of birth and death give hardship feelings to us but it is the truth of this world.the one who comes has to go back one day or the other.nowadays death is also becoming a matter of social media nuisense. Death of a celebrity is being projected through so called memes.Is this what we call condolsence or we are making fun of their respective families grief.If we can’t be of any help to them then no one gave us the right to increase their pain with our stupid ,nonsense stuffs. Death is a time where we as a human should give moral support to their families,help them to deal with the pain they are going through after all they have lost someone who was very close to their heart.some people clearly don’t care about anything they can start fighting over someone’s death even in the comment section of the dead person’s post or account. Is this why we were given the freedom of speech to give more pain to the people who are already suffering with the death? Have we lost so much in this stupid nonsense thing that we even dont care about humanity,someone’s feelings.The thing that only matter to us is that we only want to be in the limelight. If a women dies because of the cruelity she has faced by the man who raped not only her body but her soul.These idiot people who tries to even assassinate the dead women character then what else is left. We have converted ourselves to a complete monsters without even realising we are somewhere killing the humanities within ourselves.

This is the time to realise what is right and what is wrong. Just open your eyes and try to see the reality.


It is completely a defined elaborated feelings of outcome that comes by our thinking.choice is not merely a word it is an expression of our innervoice..It is completely on us where we head in life. Choice is the pull between right and wrong.it is not just only a word it’s impact is always on our lives..so yes it is damn important to have the correct and best choice for our future which will take us to a place where we really reside to.let the choices be your strength not a weakness.Easy choices are not beneficial for us.so the choices should be according to our benefit not according to the work we have to do to attain a good choice in life.choice should be self reliable based on our means not on any others advice or wish..It has the power to destroy and build our innerself..so let it make your future shine and capable of reality…

“Bitter Truth Of Life”

Truth is the root of our life..but nowadays truth is just a matter of our own need and greed..the way we are changing the correct value of truth.. It is taking us to a fake world which we have created for our satisfaction,greed,desires and personal motives.. we have started changing the real truth according to our will..whatever we think, we understand is not always the truth sometimes it is the opposite. We are living in a so damn fake world where truth is just a mere word which is need to be learnt from the dictionary it’s importance,it’s true value is not getting in anyone’s soul. Truth is being changed according to our wish but we should always remember one day it will come in such a form that it will shatter everything and we would be left with nothing except condolences for lifetime.. It is better to live in a world of truth which is bitter but at the last is the key to happiness rather than living in a fake world which seems to be very engaging from outside but ultimately it would lead to loss and only loss.. Love your true relations rather than the relationship which we make in the fake world which would not help us till eternity…it is only the relationships we build with truth,love and care which further becomes the support systems of our lives.

At Last I would only like to say… Don’t run behind what u don’t have rather preserve your pearls before you loose them in the crowd of this cruel world!!!!


Our memories are the reflection of our beautiful or worst time we have experienced.it is the chapters from the book of life from where we can recollect our past and make our present better. Memories are those time with friends which we never wanted to end but eventually after completing school we forbid a goodbyee. It is the long Call conversation with our bestfriend, smile of our grandparents,fun with family,fighting from ourselves. Memories are a real package or say recollection of our days (goodorbad) which we have faced. It is like the masterkey through which we have the benifit of acting wisely when the situation is similar something which we have already faced in our lives. Complete book of lessons. Love is one of the best component of our memory.That is why it is said that first love is immortal..somewhere it is true because the thing which we go through in life for the first time always remain with us.And love is the most powerful emotion in a human being so its first impact cannot be forgetten with ease. Memories changes our perception of vision towards certain things in life and make us a better personality. We should learn from both the good and the bad memories. Life is beautiful because of the memories we make with people we love. Spread love and make memories😇😇

So make lots n lots of memories

What a girl wants!!

Well we girls dont want fancy stuffs to be happy. we need a little respect and love from the society and their support so that we can be the one who can buy fancy stuffs for ourselves. We are capable to fly but the society does’nt like our wings they destroy it so ruthlessly that the scars remain in our heart for forever.Freedom is what we need not your money. We want to prove ourselves and certainly can show to the world that we can do much better than anyone else.when a women/girl has to face domestic violence not only the one who is abusing her but the whole shitty society is being beaten with the broom of shamelessness. A girl can sacrifice anything for her family then why can’t her family just sacrifice their sick mentality,if she is ready to leave her everything to be your wife then why can’t her husband understand her desires. She is not greedy for money she is greedy for respect. Crime against girls are normal things these days we read several things in newspapers.show our sympathy and even forget the matter on the same following day.Have you ever thought that the particular newspaper article would have changed or else say destroyed her life completely.but why would we care she is not our daughter,wife,sister or mother. some people are so shameless that they start holding the girl responsible for being raped,her dress,her way of lifestyle every single thing is being judged.no one cares what is going on her.let me tell you even the girls who wear “saree” or full length dresses are being raped. So now what reason you will give for her being raped it is the sick mentality of that particular person,his upbringing.he should be punished not she. He should face the society rather then taunting a girl this so called society should have.a bit of guts to speak up for the right.

We only need your love and respect.because we have the capacity to fly and achieve our goals. Stop judging us and start understanding us because we are the root of this world.without us there is nothing. Let us live our life on our terms and condition.


Reality is a word from which we have distened ourselves..we do want to face what the real thing is,we are living a kind of life which doesn’t belong to our happiness..nowadays we are happy with shitty materialistic things,we dont understand the value of family,love,friends and even not ourself..we are so engrossed in being fake that we have completely forgot where the reality lies… it is the time for us to realise the mistakes, to build up strong relationships which can help us in our real growth..people are becoming so money minded that they dont care about anyone no matter who it is the thing what matter to these kinds of people is only their greed. They can go to any extent to achieve what they desire for either by hook or crook..in a world full of competition to be the best,to achieve everything are we realising what are we missing on this endless journey of greed. The answer is peace, happiness,self-satisfaction and but most important “ourLife”. Think for a while for your version of reality..A reality can make you and destroy you it is upon you how you are ready to face!!